The patent-pending TrustMarkScore engine was built by a talented development team using a core framework  based on an MIT License.

Our proprietary solution uses a combination of data analysis combined with artificial intelligence algorithms to accurately measure a true picture of your business reputation.

We combine our technology with a watchful human eye to make sure that your reputation score always presents a rating that’s free of bias, malicious or nuisance review data and reflects your actual dedication to your customers and your business.
The TrustMarkScore Algorithm
Our algorithm employs over 40 different specific factors to calculate a base reputation score based on online review data from Yelp, Google, Yahoo and InsiderPages. Other factors such as your website security, stability and performance also contribute to your overall score.

The TrustMarkScore system also employs a learning database that allows for improved scoring based on your participation in our prescribed system for review acquisition, management and a customized rating system that accurately measures your efforts to maintain and improve your online reputation.

There is no other solution like TrustMarkScore and it was developed specifically to help business owners like you, understand your reputation score and convey it to your customers in a meaningful and verified way.
Separating The Malice From The Meaningful
TrustMarkScore ratings factor data from review sites and accurately determines which negative reviews are most likely the work of a malicious competitor, a false report or of some other unknown or questionable origin. This is why TrustMarkScore presents a more accurate rating of businesses because as you know, all too often negative reviews either unfounded or completely false and this dangerous situation wrongfully hurts many respectable businesses.
Confidence. Trust. Business Excellence.
The importance of the seal, to you as a business owner is that your customers can confidently view your score directly from the seal posted on your website without being prejudiced by questionable reviews or malicious comments from Third-Party sites.

The TrustMarkScore system also gives business owners a means to address negative reviews and actually improve their score based on their positive actions. The full system also provides key training and solutions for business employees to effectively handle complaints or customer service issues before they escalate to a negative reviews.
Your Customers Will Know That You Care About Them More Than Your Bottom Line
As a business owner, you already know that  anyone can cause extreme damage to your good reputation within minutes….And once a malicious review is posted to Yelp, Google, Yahoo or InsiderPages, it can be near impossible to have it addressed or removed. 

TrustMarkScore provides several solutions to make sure any negative reviews on sites like Yelp, quickly become irrelevant and exposed as misguided or simply false.
The Chance For Your Voice To Be Heard
As you know, presenting your side of the matter on many of  the review sites can be a frustrating, if not impossible task at times. We give you the means to respond to any malicious attacks, whether the comments are true or not.  The key to our solution of course, is your honest proactive response. 

If a negative review is true, then our solution provides ways for you to address and answer any reviews that rated their business experience with you, as low or not exceptional.

Our algorithm examines all reviews and scores your business accordingly based on your overall rating.
Other Contributing Scoring Factors
In addition to our various methods used to identify general or positive reviews from malicious reviews, our scoring procedure also includes…

• Cross checking to determine that your website and business passes anti-fraud, security and consistency checks.

• Site performance and server speed, including server related security factors.

• Third-Party validation of your site’s credentials, including registry records, search engine cache data.

• Cross checks for consistency within Alexa and other directory references.

• Examination of your site code to ensure it does not contain rogue code which could be flagged by the search engines or malware detectors.

• Your site history and ‘technical reputation measurements that could cause browser warnings for your customers.
To learn more about the TrustMarkScore review algorithm and the technical considerations behind the TrustMarkScore engine, Click Here.
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