The TrustMarkScore seal program is used by Thousands of online merchants to increase conversion and customer satisfaction.

While sites like Yelp, Yahoo Reviews, InsiderPages and Google Reviews recklessly permit publication of unwarranted negative reviews, your customers can easily turn to the TrustMarkScore for the most accurate version of your reputation score.

The importance and the management/protection of the fragile nature of  a business reputation has never been more critical to the success of business online.
About TrustMarkScore
The complete TrustMarkScore system has been proven to address the Three primary concerns of online shoppers…

• Business Reputation.
• Reviews based on other customer experiences.
• Overall Trust.
The result of a successful TrustMarkScore implementation is increased confidence for the customer and increased sales for the merchant.
The Problem Before TrustMarkScore…
A lack of consumer confidence or trust is a systemic issue on the Internet that continues to prevent online commerce from reaching its full potential.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, of the over 10 trillion dollars of commercial activity in the United States, 3 trillion dollars could be done online.

However, online commerce only accounts for roughly 200 billion dollars today. That represents less than 7% of the total potential.
The inherently disconnected nature of the online shopping experience results in…

More Buyer Perceived Risks (Merchant non-performance, identity theft and other media fueled paranoia)

Higher perceived costs to resolving problems (Solving a problem, returning merchandise or refund options)

A plethora of merchant choices which leads to price uncertainty and general consumer confusion.
The Rise Of Review Sites & Online Reputation
The basic problems associated with online business has been further complicated in the past 3 years by the rise of so called review sites, which rarely maintain a very high standard as to the veracity or accuracy of any given review or comment.

As most online merchants do not fully address the issue of online buyer confidence, the opportunity cost from lost sales and profits for them is substantial and malicious reviews, often from competitors, truly imperil the average business online today…

TrustMarkScore easily enables online business owners to display a Third-party audited Reputation Score (Your TrustMarkScore Seal) which increases buyer trust and confidence , while also offering a proven system for better customer service and reputation management as well.

When the TrustMarkScore seal is displayed on a website, merchants and business owners reduce their buyers’ concerns about trust and reputation, in addition to passively addressing other concerns such as information security, product authenticity, timely delivery and getting a good price. Most significantly, your customers get an instant, true picture of your business reputation.
For online business, TrustMarkScore increases website conversion, sales and overall profitability
while providing a proven solution for customer service excellence and combating  the negative effects
of Third-Party review sites.
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